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just some brainstorming. i'm so unorganzied i can't even compose random thoughts.

my cats are hoping like deer in and out of the room
crazy felines


my thorat is raw. i go to sleep in a maze of twisted sheets. we're all miserable.
my friends, they drags their bodies across campus like sacks of coal.
these days girls look like roses wilting in heat

so let's see what she's made of
will she sizzle, will she settle
i just roll out of bed every morning
all i want is for some one to roll in
and my left brain is going insane
cause everybody's whispering, but they do it all through megaphones
and i don't have the time.
i've got a knot of sheets to undo.
i've got a cough that won't go away.
i've got to wear myself out so when i wake up i'll have forgotten today.

somewhere along the way i'm going to come across alittle bit of optisism
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