Come and Be Free, You Know Who I Am (frenchdisco) wrote in lotus_eaters,
Come and Be Free, You Know Who I Am

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This morning I woke up and the sun had already crept in bed with me. I thought for a moment it would blister me, I don’t know why. you entered my mind, i winced. It’s an involuntary reaction lately. Dawn had hardly broken. I was expectant, and let down when a rooster did not crow and the wholesome simplicity of the definition of morning had been reduced to the depressing slump of time borrowed from yesterday. Mornings annoy me. The rest of the world is alive but my world is so asleep I feel I disturb some deeper consciousness in me with my waking. My only reverie is sleep, where my actions go unknown and unaccounted for, for once in life. And reality is decent enough to quiet itself for what seems like a very very short moment in time. When I think about sleep I crave it more than you.
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