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lotus_eaters's Journal

lotus eaters
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this is not a conclusion
no revolution
just a little confusion
on where your head has been

consider this manifesto - we are here to kick down your doors with art. a thousand shards or words or paint which shatter from your windows. the tiny specks of artist ink that mark your walls from bullet wounds. this is hardcore art; this is the expression that leaves wounds in hearts and cheeks alike. this community, gathering, collection, or stronghold - which ever you prefer - is focused on art and the essence of expression, whether it be painting, graphic art, prose, or photography. whatever bleeds your thoughts paints our walls.

and although we consider censorship to be a rigid and terrible fiend, we will not except any forms of hatred towards one peoples (sexism, racism, homophobia, etc) or pornographic material. while erotic art is accepted, please recognize the difference between erotic expression, and erotic objectifying. you can be dirty without being offensive.

constructive criticism only, please. immaturity and personal attacks are looked down upon. do so, and we'll boot you.

if you're going to post very large images or an excessive amount of them, please use the lj-cut tag.

this community is maintained by the lovely frenchdisco and blackwine. please direct any and all questions towards us.